Protect your products from spoiling due to a fault in your cold storage. When a fridge or freezer conks out at home, it’s bad enough – if repairs aren’t done in time, we face a loss of various meats and other products that require refrigeration or freezing. Can you imagine this happening at a commercial scale? Spoiled items means loss of revenue, and we’re here to ensure that if and when the worst should happen at your Sydney business, it’s fixed faster than you can say ‘better eat the ice cream before it melts’.

Welcome to FED Services, a premier provider of commercial refrigeration and freezer repairs in Sydney. We specialise in fridge and freezer repairs, spare parts, installations and maintenance plans Sydney-wide, as well as full commercial fitouts of various types. Our focus and specialisation has allowed us to develop great product knowledge, creative solutions, and practical maintenance services for keeping refrigerators operating at peak efficiency, year after year. In addition to our emergency repair work, we also offer affordable and cost effective preventative plans, ensuring the little issues do not become big, costly future problems.

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If you’re tired of getting caught unawares by breakdowns or faults, regular maintenance is a great idea. We’re an especially good solution for commercial refrigerator repairs for Sydney-based food service businesses, where even just a couple of hours’ downtime can cause severe losses. Our qualified and experienced technicians have been providing great refrigeration service across the city for years, so we have the product knowledge and expertise to fix your fridge and get it back up and running as soon as possible. We also offer commercial refrigeration installation and cool room repairs, too.

We understand that the refrigerator repair services we provide are required at any time of the day (nobody plans for their cold storage units to malfunction!), and as such we proudly provide our services any time of the day or night you need us. No matter what brand it is you’re running at your place of business, we have the knowledge to have it fixed and running like new in no time at all.

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Contact our expert team for more information and to arrange an obligation-free quote today. Call us on 1300 887 055 and speak to one of our helpful, friendly staff. They will take the time to understand your fridge and freezer requirements, and then tailor the ideal solution to suit your needs. If you’d rather, you’re welcome to use our handy online contact form which we’ll respond to ASAP.

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